Beauty Hair

Easy ways to highlight and shadowing the root hairs


Giving a Shadow feel to the root hairs is always a budget-friendly and less-maintenance process. This adds a dark color to the roots of the hair with a stretch of melting another color. This gives you a great unique beautiful look for the hair. Shadowing is like a type of hair color that gives your hair a more vibrant color and it can be colored with any type of new hair color available.


Here we have filled up with a few root hair shadowing and highlight ideas that help you and you can make use of them before applying.

This root hair coloring and shadowing involve a new method of coloring the hair uniquely and gives a simple glossy look that perfectly matches your root hair. Applying this at the middle of your hair gives an illusion like natural highlights. They’re also like a shadow to the hair from top to bottom. This hair color technique is as same the hair coloring but the only difference is here they blend the base color of the hair with the highlighter. This is a very simple technique where it starts with one color and ends with another color in a hasty manner. This reduces your time and effort that you spent on the regular touch-up. Here you need not want to touch this up like other colors for regular weeks. This is very easy to maintain by washing with sulfate-free regular shampoo and conditioners you use regularly.

hair color techniqueHow to do this at home?

Yes! Here is the tutorial with a shadow root on the hair. There are many vibrant colors available for root shadowing. It highly suits people with dark root hair. This can be customized depending upon the trend. Brown to soft blonde, chestnut to light brown, black to red shadow, platinum blonde, vivid red and warm blonde are the best color that suits all. Take a round bowl and a hairbrush. Keep the base color that is the root as same as the natural color. Separate thin strands of hair to get the other hairs with a comb. Apply the shadow color you mixed onto the strands of the hair as do not apply much in one area. Apply by spraying and blend the hair colors by dragging it slowly down. After this leave for few minutes and take a sulfate-free shampoo wash and cool toner for better shadowing.

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