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How to do bubble braids for bridal hairstyle?


When it comes to an occasion or a special day hairstyle is one of the important make-up that makes you perfect. Classic and feminine hairstyle never goes out of date. They perfectly fit for a bridal occasion or any other occasion. Are you tired of doing the same hairstyle? Bubble braids add a little change and a fashionable look that suits all faces and dresses. Here are the steps for pullover bubble braid for your hair tutorial

special day hairstyleBubble braids for a trendy look

If you want to make a different and unique hairstyle within few minutes you can choose bubble braids. This perfectly suits women with thin hair. Bubble braids look like more voluminous hair. It works for all types of hairstyle and it does not require any care when worn. Here are the steps on how to do bubble braids?

  1. Comb the hair with a soft comb and prepare your hair with a setting using styling cream to make it uniform and free from frizz. This is the best step to hold the style for a long time. This gives you a look at an increased volume.
  2. Comb your hair without frizz and tie a high ponytail. You can make a high ponytail for a sporty look and a mid-ponytail for a more casual look. Choose the ponytail that suits you. If you like a simple elegant look then move for a low ponytail.
  3. Then tie the ponytail with tie bands at an equal distance. The bands are placed depending on how long your hair is. Always keep an equal distance between the bubbles. This gives you a perfect look when seen from the back.
  4. Once you finished placing bands. You can use your hands to tease and pull the hair. This helps you to loosen the hair between the bubbles.
  5. After tying the bands you can pull each strand between the bands. This looks like a bubble you can leave this as such for a simple chic look.
  6. You can finish this look with a setting spray which makes the hair sustain its look for a long time. It helps you to avoid flyaway. This gives you a perfect bubble braid hairstyle.

Bubble braids perfectly suit all faces and this gives you a more creative look. More than French braids, as it takes hours to stand before the mirror while bubble braids can be self-done and it is one of the easiest ways.

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