Healthy Nails

Top nutrients you can add for healthy nails


Do you love to maintain your nails by shaping, manicure and polishing them differently? Then you can also add nutrients for healthy nails that make your nail more wow and attractive. Nails are represented as pride. Always choosing a perfect manicure and keeping it hydrated with cuticle oil is good for nails. The nutrient is an important factor for growing perfect healthy nails.

Strong and healthy nail

Here are the foods that are good for nails to make them strong, long, and healthy.

Meat and eggs: These are rich in proteins. As nails are made up of keratin and protein adding protein-rich food makes your nails grow stronger. This also helps in speed growth.

Nuts: For vegan, you can prefer adding nuts to your diet for good nails.

Leafy greens: Green veggies like spinach, broccoli, and collard greens are rich in vitamin A and this boosts the growth of nails. More than cooking them too much you can add it in a crunchy way.

Yellow and Orange veggies: Pumpkin, carrot, sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C which helps in giving a shiny look for the nails.

Healthy oils: You can add Petroni oil daily to half a tablespoon that is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This helps in strong and healthy nails.

Remedies to Grow nailsWater: Add water as it helps in better and strong growth for nails. to keep you and your body hydrated and for healthy choice always add a high amount of water to your regular diet.

Home Remedies to Grow nails

You can add vitamins for strong nails in your daily routine. You can also make use of orange juice, applying Vaseline or coconut oil regularly. You also add lemon juice or orange juice with apple cider vinegar in a bowl and soak your hand for 10 minutes. This helps for strong growth and healthy nails. Then you can wash with warm water.

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