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How Ice facial Benefits the skin?


Common advice for all skin problems by doctors is to drink a good amount of water daily. Whatever the skin type may be, whatever the problem may be like oilyskin, pimples, dehydrated skin, and acne, ice water can flush any harmful toxins from the body. Drinking water helps you internally while for external help, you can make use of ice therapy for beautiful skin.


Let us see how much the benefits of ice facials are?

Shrinking the skin pores: Ice facial helps in shrinking the skin pores and often sweating.  Rubbing ice cubes on the face by wrapping it around the cloth as direct rubbing can damage the skin capillaries. It helps you to give a fresh skin and it this the main secrete for glowing skin.

ice therapy for skin

Avoid acne skin: You can apply cold ice cube on face weekly twice as it regulates your skin and provide a way for you in reducing acne and inflammation. This also reduces the damage, and pain caused by pimples and skin irritation.

It helps in reducing puffy eyes: When you work a long day or long shoot you can use ice massage. This totally decrease the inflammation caused and reduce pain in the eyes. After threading and waxing you can wrap the cold ice cubes on a clean towel and you can massage it over the body to decrease the itchiness and pain.

Foundation lasts longer: Especially when its summer and hot seasons, foundations start melting with your sweating. To avoid such things give an ice cold massage for few minutes before applying foundation. This makes the last longer foundation.

Ice Massage

You start this ice massage by taking few cold ice cubes and wrapping them around the clean cloth. Have a gentle rub for face, neck, and hand. Massage helps in increasing the blood circulation. You can see an immediate change in your skin. There is another method where place the ice cubes with water in a bowl and dip your face with cold water. This also works the same way. Always make a habit of ice massage and keep your skin smooth.

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